Monday, November 16, 2009

Causes of Juvenile Crime in Pakistan

Juvenile crimes are not only grass rooted in our society due to poverty and survival but are a result of social disorder which prevails in all spheres of our life. It is a social dilemma of our society, where we are unable to mould our community to higher morals and acceptability of other’s right. Juvenile crimes are particularly high in urban areas, especially Lahore because it is an amalgam of all social classes, where poorest to richest subsists, and this clash of wealth gives birth to crimes. When, poor are compelled to commit crimes, considering other who has the luxuries of life. Social discrimination and lust for the more, gives birth to such heinous crimes.
Government has been ignorant of considering juvenile criminals as an exception from professional criminals as they constitute of the youth of the country. There have been efforts made including providing them education and facilitating them with modern technology at some jails in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi etc. However, these attempts are insufficient and should be further extended to all other minor cities’ jails. By providing them education and catering to their needs, it would help to extinguish their anguish and anxiety towards the society. It is the responsibility of the government to nourish these individuals to become better human beings rather than professional criminals. As these children are the future of the country, they should be enhanced to contribute positively to the society and become a valuable asset to the country. If proper measures are not taken to curb juvenile criminal activities, due to already dooming economy, it would be a strong threat to social prosperity. Government, as well as, individual need to realize the social implication of juvenile crimes. If a child has been in jail for a few months for a minor crime, and if he is not properly treated his punishment would become a liability to the society rather than help the community by bringing him to the right path.

The juvenile justice order system regarding under age children allows for a reduction in their punishment sentence but it needs to be amended to create a more comprehensive document working for the betterment of juvenile criminals who are not professional criminals. The sentence for them should be reduced and there should more awareness as well as educating of these criminals.
As individual we need to accept our responsibility and work for the social welfare of these criminals. The law making policy regarding them and helping them on societal basis is very important. Because, they are a part of the youth of the country and the future generation in whose hands this country would be held. Therefore, we need to thrive as society and remove malevolence such as juvenile crimes in our society.

By Muzeadhy Fatima


  1. Being a part of this society, it is a social responsibility to help, support and educate these young deprived ones who are been declared as criminals.every individual should contribute in making their lives better by leading them to a right direction.

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